Smart recruiters use Parsley to match profiles from LinkedIn, Indeed, Github and other popular sites, directly with their favorite ATS/CRM database
Take back your time and spend it on tasks that actually matter
Every hour you spend manually copying and pasting data between websites and your ATS is an hour you could have spent helping someone get hired instead. Let Parsley eliminate the busy work so you can focus on what matters.
Match Profiles
When you visit candidate or client profiles online, you'll instantly know if they are already in your database or not. No more jumping back and forth to manually check.
Grab Details Automatically
If the candidate or client doesn't already exist, Parsley automatically grabs the relevant details so you don't have to copy and paste. You can even upload resumes at the same time!
Everything at your fingertips
Review past notes from anyone on your team so you aren't duplicating efforts. Add new notes, or update profile details with just a few clicks. Keep everyone on the same page.

Parsley is simple to use

Start using it today in just a few easy steps:


15 Day Free Trial for all new accounts. Simple pricing thereafter. Cancel at any time

Paid monthly

Grab & Match Profiles with your ATS/CRM

Edit Records in real time

Add and Review Past Notes

Short list for Jobs

Collaborate with team members

Find Email Addresses (coming soon)

Sites Parsley Works with

Is there another site you are interested in connecting with Parsley? We're just getting started so send us an email and let us know the site you want. We'll do our best to get it added!

ATS & CRM's Parsley Works with

Is there another ATS or CRM platform you'd like us to integrate with? Send us an email and let us know. We'll make sure and notify you once the integration is completed

Love parsley? Want to earn some extra cash?

We need your help spreading the good word! If you love Parsley and know others who could benefit from it, sign up for our affiliate program! We'll give you a unique link you can share with others. If they sign up, we'll send you money every month they remain an active user. Its an easy way to help a friend and make money at the same time!

Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQ)

So what exactly is Parsley?
Parsley is a Chrome Extension you install in your browser. Once installed, you can visit profiles on your favorite websites, and 'parse' or 'extract' the data from the profile and add it directly to your ATS or CRM platform of choice.
Does Parsley store any of my data?
No. Parsley simply passes data from the web and into your ATS or CRM. Parsley does not collect or store information of any kind, other than what is required to enable your use of the service.
I have a team of people who want to use Parsley. Can I centralize billing, or does each user need to pay for themselves?
Parsley allows you to centralize billing and purchase licenses for your entire team.