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Top Recruiters use Parsley to quickly parse profiles from the web, directly into their favorite ATS or CRM tool.

Parsley is simple to use

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15 Day Free Trial for all new accounts
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Sites Parsley Works with

Coming Soon !

Is there another site you are interested in connecting with Parsley? We're just getting started so send us an email and let us know the site you want. We'll do our best to get it added!

ATS & CRM's Parsley Works with

Is there another ATS or CRM platform you'd like us to integrate with? Send us an email and let us know. We'll make sure and notify you once the integration is completed

Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQ)

So what exactly is Parsley?
Parsley is a Chrome Extension you install in your browser. Once installed, you can visit profiles on your favorite websites, and 'parse' or 'extract' the data from the profile and add it directly to your ATS or CRM platform of choice.
Does Parsley store any of my data?
No. Parsley simply passes data from the web and into your ATS or CRM. Parsley does not collect or store information of any kind, other than what is required to enable your use of the service.
I have a team of people who want to use Parsley. Can I centralize billing, or does each user need to pay for themselves?
Parsley allows you to centralize billing and purchase licenses for your entire team.