About Parsley

Top Recruiters use Parsley to quickly parse profiles from the web, directly into their favorite ATS or CRM tool.

Parsley is a Chrome Extension you install in your browser. Once installed, you can visit profiles on your favorite websites, and ‘parse’ or ‘extract’ the data from the profile and add it directly to your ATS or CRM platform of choice.

About the Founder

Rick Richard has been helping Recruiting & Staffing companies thrive for close to a 5 years. He and his dedicated team of Software Wizards work hard every day to improve onboarding, communications, applications, referrals and more via tools like StaffUpApp Mobile Staffing Platform and now Parsley.

Rick realized there were plenty of tools out there that recruiters could use to collect data from popular online sites. However, most of those tools were not only expensive, they also had a lot of other bells and whistles that simply weren’t needed!

Many recruiters just need a simple and elegant solution that won’t break the bank. Parsley was born to address this need.

Parsley’s philosophy is simple. Build simple tools for recruiters that “Just work”, and provide stellar support to the people that use them. Why does it have to be any more complicated than that?

If you need help getting candidate and client profiles from the web into your ATS/CRM, check out the Parsley Chrome Extension! We think you’ll love its simplicity - and its price!